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Education, Science: Celestia


Education, Science: Stellarium


Education, Math: Math Tables


Education, Games, Math: Tux Math Scrabble

This is my version of Tux Math Scrabble. I'll post the code if I produce a version that will work outside my distro. For developers who may be curious, here's a partial list of changes:

  1. Can exit using Escape key, Q key, or Quit button

  2. Replaced the sound code with a new layer

  3. Replaced some existing sounds

  4. Added new sound types (startup, waiting, exit)

  5. Can enable or disable sound support using S key

  6. Dropped splash screen (it was too slow)

  7. Dropped Admin feature (my version is a single screen)

  8. Dropped high-score feature (it had some minor problems)

  9. Rearranged function keys (some keyboards don't have F11/F12)

  10. Dropped a difficult-to-read font


Education, Reference: Schools Wikipedia

Large versions of the distro include Schools Wikipedia (a complete encyclopedia based on a snapshot of Wikipedia):


Education: SDL BASIC

This is my version of SDL BASIC; it uses larger fonts than the standard version and has a few other changes. If you'd like to get the source code, click here.


Education, Games, Math: GNumch


Education: GCompris

GCompris is a suite of educational programs.


Education, Games, Math: Tux of Math Command


Education: TuxPaint


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