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Linux offers quite a few multimedia programs, including players, editors, and other tools. Some are commercial quality and others are best suited for developers, but most are worth a look either way. Here are some examples that I've found useful.

Multimedia: Watching YouTube with Minitube


Multimedia: LiVES

LiVES is a fairly good video editor for Linux. It seems to work well, but it's primarily useful for short video clips because, to achieve good results, it decodes videos completely to frames. This requires significant time and disk space.


Multimedia: Avidemux

Avidemux is a video editor, like LiVES but less reliable than the latter program. As a general rule, you'd use LiVES instead, but Avidemux is useful in some cases. For example, although there are many videos that Avidemux can't handle, it's faster for videos that it can handle.


Multimedia: Open Clipart Collection

This collection includes about 8,100 images.


Multimedia: Reading a comics archive with Evince


Multimedia: Playing a DVD with SMPlayer


Multimedia: Radio broadcasts and podcasts

Here's a couple of screenshots that show VLC and GPodder presenting the same radio podcast list (in reverse and forward chronological order, respectively).

For more information on Internet radio (both broadcasts and podcasts), see my article at this link.


VLC showing a podcast directory


GPodder showing a podcast directory

Multimedia: Making a DVD with DeVeDe


Multimedia: Inkscape

Inkscape is a vector drawing program that's comparable to Adobe Illustrator®.


Multimedia: Watching Internet TV with Miro


Multimedia: MOC Player

MOC Player is a text-mode music player.


Multimedia: xmms

xmms is an old music player that still has some life in it.


Multimedia: GIF animations

These are two GIF animations that I created using my distro. If you have a slow Internet connection, allow 10 to 20 seconds for the animations to start.

For the first (left) animation, I used the GIMP and Perl. For the second (right) animation, I used POV-Ray and Perl. For more information, click here.

Image         Image

Multimedia: Audacity

Audacity is a pretty good sound editor.


Multimedia: Sonic Visualizer


Multimedia: vlc and anytodvdmpg

Here's vlc, one of the most useful Linux multimedia programs, playing a video DVD created using anytodvdmpg, a DVD creation tool of my own design.


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