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1   Overview
2   A Shark Devouring Time
3   End of a World
4   Goodbye to Tariq
5   This Sentence is a Lie
6   Goodnight, Trader

This page has fragments from IRC. Some names have been changed.

A Shark Devouring Time

I sometimes talk to people who may be at risk due to different types of situations. I don't know if I can help. But it can be important to try.

<Ishmael> you havent told me what you are ive been suspecting your a deity of some sort
<OldCoder> I am an old coder who is not well
<OldCoder> I do not speak as you do without effort
<OldCoder> I speak well if I am prepared

<OldCoder> Twisted Time. Have I explained anything about him to you?
<Ishmael> you have not spoken of the twisted time

<OldCoder> Twisted Time is my link to the present
<OldCoder> As I am trapped in this odd future
<OldCoder> Of 40 years from now
<OldCoder> He himself lives in the moments of a candle
<OldCoder> He looked at a candle
<OldCoder> And realized that as he was not breathing
<OldCoder> Due to what had happened
<OldCoder> When the candle went out
<OldCoder> So would he

<OldCoder> Ever since that day
<OldCoder> He has wondered
<OldCoder> If I understand what he has said
<OldCoder> If he is still living
<OldCoder> In those moments
<OldCoder> Of the candle

Image <OldCoder> We used to play N-dimensional chess
<OldCoder> In our heads
<Ishmael> I'm trying to grasp the immensity of what you just said
<OldCoder> He tells me that we played on a toroidal surface once or twice

<Ishmael> your not dieing... are you?
<OldCoder> No. But I am not well physically.
<OldCoder> I will speak with you again if you wish

<Ishmael> i just realized i cant remember the beginning of this chat
<OldCoder> It is a moment in the flame
<OldCoder> Feel no blame
<OldCoder> Nor sorrow
<OldCoder> It will return
<OldCoder> On the morrow

<Ishmael> People like you coder
<OldCoder> Is that a question, a theory, what?
* OldCoder is interested

<Ishmael> They have trust in you and feel you to be a stable voice of reason in the chaos
<Ishmael> a theory
<OldCoder> I am pleased to hear this
<Ishmael> more so a hypothesis
<OldCoder> Is there any supporting evidence?
<Ishmael> Some
<Ishmael> Not enough for it to be proven a theory in my opinon
<OldCoder> O.K.

<OldCoder> Ishmael I think I will move on
<OldCoder> And we both can rest a bit
<Ishmael> you gotta keep moving if not we die
<OldCoder> Like sharks
<OldCoder> Right?
<Ishmael> yes
<OldCoder> I am going to move on

<Ishmael> im an expert at moving mainly cause i cant die no matter how much i want to
<OldCoder> Then you shall be a Shark
<OldCoder> Devouring Time

End of a World

In the old days, we built sand-castles out of sand on beaches. They were a few feet tall. Sometimes people would come along and kick them down.

Now-a-days sand-castles can be built online. In the virtual world. They can be hundreds of feet tall. Gigantic. I think some of them are made out of diamonds. The idea is to build entire worlds filled with wonderful structures.

But, of course, there is human nature. People still kick down each other's sand-castles. They burn the carefully constructed buildings, all the hard work, with lava. Maybe drown them with water too. If there are earthquakes or tornadoes those will be employed.

This is called griefing. Here's a look at a griefing incident. It may only make sense to IRC people, those from online worlds in particular.

Image <Octupus> Guys we got a problem
<Octupus> Keegan is griefing Landmine server
<Octupus> THAT B*STARD
<LAD> Keegan went mad
<M13> happening
<OldCoder> M13, Keegan is griefing LM
<Octupus> NOOOOO
<Octupus> NO I REFUSE

<OldCoder> Poor Octupus
<Elizabeth> ...
<Elizabeth> sigh
<OldCoder> Breaking each other's toys

<Elizabeth> Why can't these people just GO AWAY
<Elizabeth> I mean really
<OldCoder> See the humor in this part
<Elizabeth> Take your petty squabbles to email or something
<OldCoder> Breaking each other's toys
<Elizabeth> *shakes head*

<OldCoder> Lava and floods and quakes
<Elizabeth> I know the concept
<OldCoder> Oh my
<Elizabeth> But I don't “get” it. you know?
<OldCoder> Too busy laughing

<OldCoder> As the world
<OldCoder> burns down
<OldCoder> I better go see if there are ashes left

<OldCoder> Calming down murderous intent now
<OldCoder> Elizabeth
<OldCoder> The various victims
<OldCoder> Seem displeased
<OldCoder> <--- Still chuckling though he knows he shouldn't
<OldCoder> It's like Lord of the Flies meets Matrix
<Elizabeth> Well at this point I wash my hands of the whole thing

Goodbye to Tariq

This was a good-bye to a friend who fell into depression but found a possible solution.

<tariq> I have about 20 classes this semester
<OldCoder> 20 seems too many
<tariq> and approximately 25 including my school's
<tariq> I'll be studying every waking minute
<OldCoder> Too much
<OldCoder> Cut back

<tariq> It will be an interesting challenge
<OldCoder> Indeed
<OldCoder> You are young
<OldCoder> There is time
<OldCoder> Do not need to push this hard

<tariq> If my performance degrades, I will drop non-essential ones
<tariq> If I don't push this hard, I will not learn my limits
<OldCoder> Good point
<OldCoder> But what of everything outside the books
<OldCoder> You must maintain mental health
<OldCoder> You must allocate non-study time
<OldCoder> For example
<OldCoder> To breathe

<tariq> Once I determine an optimum, I will cut back as necessary
<OldCoder> To eat
<OldCoder> All right
<OldCoder> If this to do is what you must
<OldCoder> It will not be a bust
<OldCoder> Do what you can
<OldCoder> I'll be your fan

Image <tariq> I really love you
<OldCoder> Thank you
<OldCoder> I feel a connection as well
<OldCoder> This year's been hell
<OldCoder> But you've talked to me
<OldCoder> I'll miss that

<tariq> You're a good friend
<OldCoder> I am trying to learn
<OldCoder> No time to burn
<tariq> This year has gone by faster than previous ones
<OldCoder> How to be that
<OldCoder> It gets better
* OldCoder laughs

<OldCoder> Just wait and see
<OldCoder> When old you be
<OldCoder> Time will blur

<tariq> I don't think that will be pleasant
<OldCoder> It is part of existence
<OldCoder> Time passes
<OldCoder> The Time Sharks devour it
<OldCoder> Make the most
<OldCoder> While you can

<tariq> Which you just advised against above
<OldCoder> Hmm
<OldCoder> Explain without pain
<OldCoder> *scroll*
<OldCoder> I see this not
<OldCoder> I thought
<OldCoder> I'd been consistent
<OldCoder> *shrug*

<tariq> 5:18 PM <OldCoder> You are young
<tariq> 5:18 PM <OldCoder> There is time

<OldCoder> For now
<OldCoder> There is time

This Sentence is a Lie

Or is it?

<T_A_N_K> celeron55: idea, a /reload command to re-load up all mods
<PilzAdam> +1
<PilzAdam> but thats not possible, i think
<T_A_N_K> anything is possible
<PilzAdam> but not everything
<OldCoder> Then it is possible for something to be impossible
<T_A_N_K> exactly!
<PilzAdam> UNIVERSE ERROR! Stack Traceback
<OldCoder> A little recursion never hurt anything

<T_A_N_K> this sentence is a lie
<T_A_N_K> is that sentence a lie?
<OldCoder> No

Image <T_A_N_K> no, but it's double recursive infinitely
<T_A_N_K> well then it must be a lie if it says it isn't but then wouldn't it be telling the truth if it were right?
<OldCoder> Nope
<OldCoder> Read some Rudy Rucker
<OldCoder> He's good at this
<OldCoder> It's a self statement

<PilzAdam> if you set a variable (sentence) to false it is false and not true
<OldCoder> Meta
<PilzAdam> so it is a lie
<OldCoder> Nope
<T_A_N_K> this sentence is false
<PilzAdam> (if the universe was a programming language)

<T_A_N_K> so it's true, or is it false? BUMBUMBUM
<OldCoder> The false assumption is that a sentence must be one or the other
<OldCoder> Not the case
<OldCoder> Quite often it is not possible to say that something must be true or false

<PilzAdam> if universe == programming language then {sentence = lie} else {throw stack overflow error}
<OldCoder> Fair nuff

<T_A_N_K> in the sense of being a normal sentence and not coding, is it true or false?
<T_A_N_K> it's infinitely both!
<OldCoder> The terms do not apply
<OldCoder> It is a transcendental sentence
<T_A_N_K> overruled, i see your terms are not updated
<OldCoder> Not to be confused with transcendentistry
<OldCoder> Updated? It is fated
<OldCoder> :p
<T_A_N_K> lol, i wanted to see how long this could go on for
<OldCoder> Pretty long
<OldCoder> Like, 50 years; this was old when Star Trek TOS was new

<PilzAdam> NekoGloop: <T_A_N_K> this sentence is a lie
<PilzAdam> <T_A_N_K> is that sentence a lie?
<NekoGloop> no, the cake is a lie

<OldCoder> Say the right thing to computers... and they explode!
<OldCoder> That's what we were taught
<OldCoder> Made cautious engineers out of us
<OldCoder> Who needs exploding computers... parts all over the place
<OldCoder> Messy
<PilzAdam> funny
<OldCoder> Need to make the computers feel all warm and friendly
<OldCoder> Then no BOOM
<T_A_N_K> lol

Goodnight, Trader

Trader is somebody known to the Kiralys. This was a goodnight to him. Quoted here with only minor edits.

<Trader> thanks for the poetry maybe i can use that in a song

<OldCoder> The last stuff
<OldCoder> has no rhythm
<OldCoder> So, no
<OldCoder> But the stuff on my page does

<OldCoder> Rhyme is not song
<OldCoder> Rhythm is
<OldCoder> Rhyme and Rhythm
<OldCoder> Rhythm and Rhyme
<OldCoder> Is entertaining
<OldCoder> All the time

<Trader> ok i see what you are saying

<OldCoder> That is what I was praying :p
<OldCoder> But off the path we're straying
<OldCoder> If sign off you must
<OldCoder> Fun I trust
<OldCoder> You'll be having
<OldCoder> The night is young
<OldCoder> You are not
<OldCoder> Conflict is there
<OldCoder> Tear out your hair
<OldCoder> Make decisions
<OldCoder> Cup of tea
<OldCoder> Plate of brie
<OldCoder> A book to read
<OldCoder> Software to heed
<OldCoder> What will you do
<OldCoder> From me to you
<OldCoder> Is the question
<OldCoder> Trader

* OldCoder dances a jig
* OldCoder has been told
* OldCoder is bold
* OldCoder has rhythm now
<OldCoder> !

<Trader> that is funny

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