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Cooking Food by Loome

This poem is by Loome with minor edits by me.

I did it!
I made food
I sat up
I went to the kitchen

near the stove
I grabbed a pan
to cook food on and
I cooked food on it

I now have food, hot and ready
to be eaten
sitting near me as
I write this

I will eat it soon
when it becomes suitably cold
because presently
it is too hot

I can't eat it now
I will spend the time waiting
for it to cool
by talking to you


mrtux says


Text version:

I've made a forum script in PHP
You see
I'm an old-fashioned guy
I work in CLI
I like nano

My old PC is dying
But no time for crying
There are griefers and hackers
With whom to deal
This stuff is real

I've got a distro to make
Then my sister and I a cake
Will bake
For Goodness Sake
Time it's a-flying

Languages Part of Resume

Perl, Python, PHP. Standard but
you C, I also Lisp
FORTRAN rocks and TeX rolls
It's fun to assemble

JavaScript, Forth, Pascal, Bash
Bash is a smash
People should not trash
Bash is a smash

Tcl/Tk: people today disrespect it a bit
but with me it's a hit
Java is not JavaScript
Lua how'ja Dua

Octave and Matlab not the same
Close enough there's no shame
SQL What the Hell
Several versions

OldCoder Explains Himself

In 2012, a problem in IRC cost me a visit from Twisted Time. He stopped by and I didn't see him. I chatted with some of the IRC people involved afterward. One of them asked me to explain myself. This is what I said.

I will write
About why I do what I do
When I write it
I will know the answer

I will do the right thing
If I do the right thing
I will be real at last
I will be real at last

There is a song
From 1970
The boy who sang it
Is dead of old age

I am the boy in the song
Time to put that aside
I'm going to be real at last
Good day, Gentlemen

To Exhausted Bonsai Kitten

You're exhausted, accept the fact
Posts, VPS, and patches exact
Will wait
Your fate
Is to address it

Take the appropriate steps
To regain some peps
Put aside ssh in bed
Run zzz instead
Connect to the Land of Nod

Port number in the imaginary realm
Head to port 22 and turn right
There you may sight
Dark Knight of the Soul
Truth about your role

Perhaps the Ineffable;
Festivus and Robanuka you'll celebrate
But at any rate
Before a CPU can achoo
You'll be gone

For Reference

I didn't write this. It's an excerpt from a piece that's over 42 years old; the original was composed in 1969. It's included to clarify the reference in “OldCoder Explains Himself”. The excerpt is believed to fall under fair use.

I'm a mechanical boy
Like a mechanical toy
I follow directions, whatever I'm told
I never get hot and I never get cold
I never have lived, so I never grow old
That's because I'm a mechanical boy
I do as I'm ordered, I never ask why
I never can laugh and I never can cry
I never have lived, so I never shall die

Daeken Forsaken

Daeken, Cody Brocious, is a creative and interesting character. But he's more staid and conventional than his reputation would suggest. The following piece is roughly what I said to him after he criticized my writing style on 121106.

Daeken, since you ask
Take me to task
So bluntly and rudely
I hear a rhythm with appeal
When I write I feel
I'm singing out loud to you

The lines I write
In my sight
Are a song
If you can't accept that
Right off the bat
/IGNORE is where I belong

So chill. Whitebread Hacker
Not a Slacker
I'll admit
But a drag is sort of
What you are
Go decode an abode API sub-par

Pray for a Start

This is a poem by Bennett. I've edited the piece but the heart of it is his. As far as I know, the piece is original.

Incidentally, some of those who know me are aware that I cared about an uncle and a grandfather. Bennett's piece refers to an uncle and a grandfather. But I don't believe he knows about mine. The reference appears to be a coincidence.

People who have lost much
Gained little
For those, I pray

I pray for freedom
I pray for love
I pray for care

This was not written
This is from the heart
There's no simple solution
I pray for a start

For the fear of being forgotten
For the fear of never waking up
For the fear I'll lead an empty life
For myself and my undoing
It's odd how calm I feel
But I have a hole in my chest

For those who were forgotten
For those who lived an empty life
For those who couldn't escape
For those who couldn't fight

For my uncle, my grandfather
For me and you
For every one
Some say pain comes with loneliness
But those forgotten don't feel pain
They feel nothing

Before I go I'll explain this part
When I speak
It is not me speaking
It is my heart
And whatever else may be true
I pray for a start

Taxi Queue

Phenek commented as follows:

want to hear my first poem?
helsinki taxi queue
I love you

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