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1. Overview.

This page provides a sample CLI calculator written in pure Perl 5.

The point of the program is to illustrate the structure of a simple math parser. A recursive-descent approach is used; the core consists of a single recursive routine (ParseMath).


  • No non-core CPAN modules or external parser tools or libraries are required.

  • PEMDAS compliant.

  • Supports standard four operators plus ** (exponentiation), some math functions (sqrt, cbrt, log, sin, cos, and tan), a few symbolic constants (e, phi, and pi).

  • Real numbers may optionally use scientific notation.

2. Usage.

Usage: parsemath “1.5+(2/3)*pi-sqrt(2)”

This is a CLI calculator program that takes a single arithmetic expression as an argument, evaluates it, and prints the result to standard output.

As a general rule, expressions should be quoted as shown here. Otherwise, “shell meta-character” problems may occur.

Numbers may be integers, ordinary real numbers, or real numbers in scientific notation. Examples of scientific notation: 1.3e+0 is equal to 1.3, 12e-1 is equal to 1.2, and 5e+1 is equal to 50. The + sign is optional in this context.

Supported operators include + (add), - (subtract or unary minus), * (multiply), / (divide), and ** (exponentiate).

Six functions are supported: sqrt (square root), cbrt (cube root), log (natural logarithm), sin, cos, and tan. The last three functions take angles in radians.

Three standard constants may be used: e, phi (the Golden Ratio), and pi.

3. Browse the code.

To browse the source code, click here.

4. Get the code.

To download everything that's available, right-click on this ZIP-file link and save the ZIP file to disk.

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