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1   Overview
2   Screenshots
3   Installation

1. Overview.

This page is intended for CLI developers.

SDL BASIC (or sdlbasic) is a FOSS version of BASIC that uses SDL to provide support for graphics and sound. As of mid-2011, the home page for the software was as follows (it may have broken since then):

I've patched the language to add some features that I wanted. This page provides the source code for the SDL BASIC release that I'm using (1.0.2) and my patch file. Note: I'm not the program's author. My only contribution is the patch file.

Changes include: Larger font (the original font was too small), some additional commands (ls, pwd, and several aliases for quit), smaller window size (reduced from 1024x768 to 800x600), added a window title (SDL Basic), removed a debug message, and .bas programs now start automatically when they're loaded.

Feel free to submit your own patches for SDL BASIC. If there's sufficient interest, I'll start a fork of the project.

2. Screenshots.

Here's what SDL BASIC looks like on my Linux distro after the patch is applied. The first screenshot shows an SDL BASIC demo program running. The second one shows SDL BASIC displaying the source code for the demo.

Note: For more distro screenshots, click here.



3. Installation.

Here are the files that you'll need:

  • sdl-basic-01-local.txt — Patch file.

    To view the file, use left-click. To download, use right-click (on a Mac, use control-click instead). Note: If possible, use Firefox or other Linux or Mac browsers. Buggy versions of Internet Explorer may corrupt the file.

  • SDL_basic-1.0.2.tar.gz — Source tarball.

Here's a “build” procedure that should work on most Linux systems. Requirements include gcc 3.4.6 or 4.4.3 and development kits for SDL 1.2.X and and XOrg. Replace the pathnames used for the tarball and patch file to reflect where you placed them:

cd /var/tmp
tar zxf /foo/SDL_basic-1.0.2.tar.gz
cd SDL_basic-1.0.2
patch -p1 < /foo/sdl-basic-01-local.txt
cp basic /usr/local/bin/sdlbasic

For more information, see the official SDL BASIC website or the documentation provided in the tarball. You can also mail me.

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