Free Culture

Free Culture is an important work that explains some facts about copyright law in America. As of 2007, the author, Lawrence Lessig, is a professor of law at Stanford University. He is the Founder and Director of Stanford's Center for Internet and Society. Additionally, he is the Founder of Creative Commons.

Note: The CTEA (or Mickey Mouse Protection Act) is a 1998 law that has done substantial harm to U.S. society. In 2002, Prof. Lessig presented a case against CTEA to the U.S. Supreme Court, which rejected his arguments. Free Culture presents the facts of the matter and discusses the consequences of the Supreme Court's decision.

The print edition of this book contains a notice stating that electronic copies are prohibited. However, Lessig (who appears to be the rights holder as well as the author) has placed this version under a Creative Commons license. As of mid-2007, the official Free Culture website included the following license information:

FREE CULTURE is available for free under a Creative Commons license. You may redistribute, copy, or otherwise reuse/remix this book provided that you do so for non-commercial purposes and credit Professor Lessig. For the full license, click here.

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Preface Chapter 5 Chapter 11 Notes
Introduction Chapter 6 Chapter 12 Acknowledgements
Chapter 1 Chapter 7 Chapter 13 About the Author
Chapter 2 Chapter 8 Chapter 14  
Chapter 3 Chapter 9 Conclusion  
Chapter 4 Chapter 10 Afterword  

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 1. Creators

 2. “Mere Copyists”

 3. Catalogs

 4. “Pirates”

 5. “Piracy”


 6. Founders

 7. Recorders

 8. Transformers

 9. Collectors

10. “Property”


11. Chimera

12. Harms


13. Eldred

14. Eldred II





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