1   Overview
2   Installation
3   List of commands

1. Overview.

This page provides a file that can be used to install some “bookmarklets”. These are special commands that work with Mozilla®-based browsers, including Firefox®, SeaMonkey®, and IceCat®.

To use a bookmarklet, you'll enter a command in the browser's Location field. For example, if you type something like movie Shrek and press Enter, your browser will look up the movie Shrek at the Internet Movie Database.

Search toolbars can be used to duplicate some of the functionality provided by bookmarklets. However, bookmarklets are more flexible. Additionally, combined with keyword browsing, they make it easier to do everything in one place (the browser's Location field).

2. Installation.

If you'd like to install some bookmarklets, download the following ZIP file:

Unpack the ZIP file somewhere. This should give you an HTML file named marklets-110929.html. Use your browser's bookmarks manager to import the HTML file. The exact procedure will vary to browser to browser. However, for both Linux and MS-Windows Firefox® 3.6.X, the following procedure should work:

Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks -> Import and Backup -> Import HTML

Note: IceCat® is closely tied to Firefox®, so the same procedure should work for IceCat® 3.6.X.

After you import the HTML file, the added bookmarklets should be available immediately. In other words, you don't need to restart the browser. To test the change, click in the browser's Location field and enter the command shown below. This should show you a stock chart for IBM:

stockchart ibm

3. List of commands.

The bookmarklets provided are listed below. Command names are shown in dark orange and sample parameters are shown in green.

Miscellaneous commands:


Resize the main browser window.


Use ARIN to look up an IP address.

dictionary applesauce

Look up a word in a dictionary.

movie shrek

Search the IMDB database for a movie. Can also use movies.

flickr dog

Search Flickr for images. Note: To find Creative Commons-licensed images, add the keywords creative commons.

googleimages dog

Search Google Images for images. Can also use googleimage, gooimage, or gooimages.

googlemap 95053

Display a Google map for a given location. Zip codes work, but you can also specify addresses. Can also use googlemaps, goomap, or goomaps. Note: If you use this feature, you'll need to enable Javascript.

news interest rates

Find Google news entries about a given subject.

slashdot sco linux

Find Slashdot articles about a given topic.

wiki cheese

Look up a subject at Wikipedia.

wikimedia cheese

Search for open-license content at Wikimedia Commons. Note: That's spelled wikimedia, as opposed to wikipedia. Can also use wikicommons.

wiktionary coordinate

Look up a word in the Wiktionary.

yahoomap 95053

Display a Yahoo map for a given ZIP code. Can also use yahoomaps. Note: If you use this feature, you'll need to enable Javascript.


amazon trek dvd

Find products at Amazon. Can also use amazonshop or shopamazon.

craigslist toyota

Find products at craigslist®. Can also use craigs.

ebay cd burner

Find products at eBay. Can also use ebayshop or shopebay.

froogle panasonic TV

Find products at eBay. Can also use froogleshop or shopfroogle.

shopyahoo   panasonic TV

Find products at My Yahoo. Can also use yahooshop.


stockchart ibm

Display a Yahoo stock chart.

stockquote cpn ibm idti

Get Yahoo quotes for one or more stocks. Can also use stockquotes.

stockgrade ibm

Get Morningstar's grades for a stock.

Video clips:

devilducky three stooges

Search Devil Ducky for a video clip. Can also use devilvideo or videodevil.

googlevideo documentary

Search Google Video for a video clip. Can also use videogoogle or goovideo. Note: If you use this feature, you'll need to enable Javascript.

miroguide food

Search Miro Guide for a vodcast channel. Can also use mirovideo or videomiro.

youtube sports

Search YouTube for a video clip. Can also use youtubevideo or videoyoutube.


cpan astronomy

Find Perl modules at CPAN.

freshmeat chess

Find projects at Freshmeat.

gametome strategy

Search for a game at the Linux Game Tome. Can also use happypenguin. Note: This feature only supports single-word searches.

sourceforge compiler

Find projects at Sourceforge.

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