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This is a small site related primarily to open-source software tools.

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or by phone. The phone number is available at LinkedIn (click here) or by email.

If you know how to use IRC, you can also talk to the developer live there some days. For more information, see the main page.

Some of the CSS code used by this site was based originally on a public-domain theme named Flexit.

For most browsers, the curved corners used for some objects are done using the border-radius feature provided by CSS 3. For Internet Explorer 6, a JavaScript library named Curvy Corners is used instead. Curvy Corners is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

For Internet Explorer 7 and 8, an image kludge is used to produce rounded corners; these two releases don't seem to work reliably at present with Curvy Corners. Internet Explorer 9 (or above) supports border-radius, so no special rounded-corners code is needed for that case.

As of 2012, the home pages for Flexit and Curvy Corners were as follows. Note: The links may have broken since then.



Linked or embedded works (software, books, articles, etc.) are presented under their own licenses.

Other unique content on this page, excluding screenshots, is distributed under the following license: C.C. Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0. In some cases, screenshots are distributed under the same license. In other cases, the associated program's license applies.

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