Keyword Browsing


If you install the user.js file provided here, you'll get a feature named “keyword browsing” along with the other user.js enhancements.

Keyword browsing is a convenient way to do searches. Just enter two or more words in the Location field, and the browser will do a Google search for the specified words. No search toolbar, special commands, or extra clicks are required. Just type the words and press Enter.

However, there are three limitations:

  1. You'll need to type at least two words. The browser won't do the search otherwise.

  2. The words can't contain any punctuation. If you need to search for something like foo-bar or foo/bar, replace the punctuation character with a space and quote the whole thing like this: “foo bar”

  3. If you type something that looks like a bookmarklet command, the bookmarklet command will take precedence.

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