Optimized Mozilla® settings


I've been working on a Mozilla®-compatible configuration file since about 2001. The file in question modifies over 100 parameters to produce a browser that's generally faster and more secure. Additionally, it enables keyword browsing and makes other useful changes (disable blinking, enable smooth scrolling, make some extensions work correctly, prevent crashes, etc.).

Note: In some cases, the file disables problematic security measures that are irritating or more trouble than they're worth.

The configuration file is named user.js. It supports Firefox®, SeaMonkey®, GNU IceCat®, and most other Mozilla®-based browsers.

For more information, browse the source code. To do so, click here.

To download a zipped copy of the file, click here.

If you're not familiar with user.js installation procedures, consult your sysadmin. You can also contact me but indicate the exact browser that you're using, including revision if possible. For most browsers, you'll find this information under Help: About.

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