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This is just a small set of movie trailers and video clips of other types. These are intended for as­soc­i­ates and are hand-picked.

— OldCoder

191026 Saturday — Animal videos

* Perfectly Sane Rodent

* Is a cat a particle or a wave?

* Cat and crow enemies

* We're not sure of what's going on here

* Cat passes mirror test

191020 Sunday — New files

These will move:

ST:TNG Dance With Me click here.

190406 Saturday — Best Little-Known Films

* Scene from Phantom of the Paradise (1974) — Categories: Oddity, Deal with the Devil, Music, Rewatchable.

* Fan Trailer for Wings of Desire (1987) — Categories: Oddity, Slow, Existentialism, Angels, Rewatchable. Note: This is the orig­inal German film and not the 1998 remake.

You're not going to find a bet­ter German existentialism film about angels starring Peter Falk as Inspector Columbo.

* Trailer for Miracle Mile (1989) — Categories: Apocalypse, Romance. Would you like see one of the scariest films ever made that you've never heard of and that isn't a horror film? Here you go.

190406 Saturday — Short Special Trailers

* GRAYSON Trailer — Categories: Batman, Robin. This is probably the best fake superhero movie trailer ever made. I'm no DC fan-boy, but I'd have paid to see this film.

* Astroboy Reboot teaser. Astroboy is an anime character that originated in the 1950s. I re­mem­ber him from age 5. This teaser is a new take on the character that presents him as being more human than past incarnations.

190406 Saturday — Extra Odd, Please

* Ending of The Quiet Earth. This is one of the oddest endings to a Science Fiction-Horror film ever filmed. The film it­self isn't actu­al­ly recommended, but the ending kicks *ss.

* Russian Language Dennou Coil AMV. This is a Dennou Coil AMV with a Russian song as the music. Dennou Coil is a 13-hour anime about children living in a world like The Matrix. Early episodes are fine for preteens. Later episodes are es­sen­tial­ly a horror movie.

* I Lived on the Moon (2006). Music video. Song is by Kwoon. It's difficult to describe this thing, but the themes include violence, loss, and escape from one's past. Victims of violent abuse will be able to relate to the story.

* Takkun Swings the Bat. FLCL scene. A bomb is falling on the city. Naota (the boy) and Haruko (the girl) must use their guitars as baseball bats to knock it back into space. Advisory: The series isn't intended for children.

190406 Saturday — S.F. Chick Flicks

The term “Chick Flick” used here isn't intended to be derogatory. These films are interesting; just slow-paced. Wings of Desire would go here as well but it deserves a place on the Best Films list.

* Trailer for Arrival (2016) — Alien Invasion, Time Travel, Slow, Chick Flick, Linguistics

* Trailer for Another Earth (2011) — Chick Flick, Slow, Parallel Dimensions, Second Chances

190406 Saturday — Science Fiction Major Oddity

* La Jetee Complete Film. This is a complete short S.F. film, about half an hour long, that I saw when I was young. It's eerie and unsettling. This is the orig­inal film that “12 Monkeys” was based on.

I have a funny personal anecdote re­la­ted to La Jetee.

A TV station aired the film. This might have been around 1970. I wrote to the TV station later and asked what the title of the movie had been.

“This was a French science fiction film”, I said. “It was a love story that in­volved time travel and the title was J-some­thing.”.

The TV station wrote back and said, “You must be thinking of Je T'aime Je T'aime”.

But it was “La Jetee”. There were not one, but two, French science fiction love stories that in­volved time travel and the title J-some­thing.

190406 Saturday — Children

The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas. All ages. This is a classic science song by They Might Be Giants.

The Mesopotamians. All ages. This is another song by They Might Be Giants. The character designs are based on monster toys that were popular 50 years ago. Gilgamesh, in history, was the first legendary superhero. The other peo­ple actu­al­ly existed.

Ghost Riders in the Sky. All ages. This one is suitable for Halloween. It's a novelty song from 1949.

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